EA’s Communique 01/2011 I will like to thank everybody who took the time to come to our meeting on 7 February. We do understand that some of our colleagues who underwent Preparatory Programme last will not be joining us for the New Year. We wish them well in their newly found areas of interest or employment. For those of you who have managed to return to the museum we appreciate your commitment to the Pretoria Art Museum. We have accepted that this is a road of preparation of things to come in terms of career paths and job opportunity, such is our association.

As you all know the museum will not be training any new volunteers in the current year. We will continue to involve students who are interested in being part of the museum by inviting them to our various projects should we need more help with the facilitation of the workshops. This clearly spells out fact, that most of students with an art background will stand a better chance of being involved at the museum than those without and art background simply because we are in need of facilitators for the workshops that forms part of our In-reach as well as outreach programmes. In terms of the guided tours we will make do with the few EA’s that remain. Let me take the time to highlight to you the various projects that we will be involved with this year.

Our Schedule Time Programme or Project Responsibility

First Quarter

Creative Industries Consortium 19 February @ 10:00 – 12:00 All EA’s

In-Reach Programme: Pretoria Primary School Time: 22 February – 29 March @ 1430 – 15:30 Facilitators and 1 Guide

Second Quarter

Outreach Programme: Phutha Ditshaba Primary School: Matters are not finalized. The schedule will be similar to that presented to Pretoria Primary School with additional workshops in Drama and Music. Projected for Mid April to Mid March 23 to 28 April Facilitators and 1 Guide Artflux Exhibition at the Pretoria Art Museum Trainee Curators For Sale Project Exhibition at the Centurion Art Gallery Trainee Curators

Third Quarter

Children Tile Art Project Workshops EA’s to facilitate Kopanong Art Studio Initiative All EA’s involved in the residency programme to Exhibit Spring Holiday Programme EA’s to facilitate

Fourth Quarter

Children Tile Art Project Exhibition Trainee Curators In between all these programmes the guided tours will be taking place. In order to speed up the process in terms of accommodating schools and private groups for our guided tours we will tentatively book you and confirm your availability later telephonically.

Looking at this schedule above you can see that the second and third quarter of the year will prove to be the busiest if all the plans initially are put into place and the schedules are adhered to. Our Aims remains the same throughout. •

 To make the visual arts accessible to the schools, the disadvantaged communities and the public at large through guided tours. • To transfer art makings skills • To foster the appreciation of the visual arts • To promote new emerging artists in the person of the volunteer/Education Assistants through exhibitions. • To help develop young curators by involving our immediate volunteer/education assistant interested in visual art curatorship.

May this be a year filled with achievements


Mmutle Arthur Kgokong