The Corobrik Collection is a collection of ceramics that represents the development of studio ceramics and the work of the rural traditional potters of South Africa over the past thirty years. Linked to this development is also the growth of the Association of Potters of Southern Africa (APSA).

APSA was founded in 1972 and is the official representative body of potters in Southern Africa. It has branches in the Western and Eastern Cape, Kwa Zulu-Natal and has three branches that make up the Gauteng region. The objective of the Association is to promote ceramics in South Africa by improving the work being produced and to foster an interest in ceramics by the general public. This is done by presenting workshops and organizing exhibitions regionally, nationally and internationally. National Ceramics Quartely, a full coloured magazine is the official publication of APSA.

Initially the collection was started by Stellenbosch Farmers’ Winery who in 1977 became the sponsors of the APSA National and Regional Exhibitions and purchased the winning pieces from this exhibition to start a contemporary ceramics collection. When in 1982 Corobrik became the sponsors of APSA the pieces acquired by SFW became the beginning of the Corobrik Collection. The acquisition of the winning pieces from the Exhibitions continued  and pieces were also contributed by APSA. This process continued until 1992 when Corobrik ceased the sponsorship of the exhibition and in 1996 created a trust between itself and APSA to ensure the future of the collection and to make funds available for the continued acquisition of contemporary South African ceramic art.

In the present economic and social situation in South Africa during this transition period, the support and sponsorship of   the arts by corporate business is very necessary and important. That Corobrik, the largest clay brick manufacturers in the country, have continued to sponsor this ceramic collection bears testimony to their commitment to the arts and is indeed welcome.

The Corobrik Collection is housed in The Pretoria Art Museum.

N.B. The Corobrik Full Exhibition of ceramics opens on 24 October at 12:00pm

The above information was taken directly from the Corobrik brochure.